The doors manufactured by us are installed by our assembly groups, specialized in the delivery and installation of our products. You can be sure that the doors you order from us will be installed with quality by professional specialists.

If you are unable or do not have the right people to dismantle your old doors, you can once again put your full trust in our professional specialists and be sure that your old doors will be removed in the most precise and appropriate way possible.

Installation and dismantling of doors

How to order a door for your home:


A visit at our showroom or an inquiry

Visit our showroom. Bring a plan of your home if you have one. Our specialists will advise you on which door is most suitable and will tell you an approximate price.


Inspection on site

On a day and time convenient for you, an inspection will be carried out, measures of the place will be taken and additional details will be specified; together we shall choose the type of door and the paneling materials.


Quote and signing a contract

A quote with prices, method of payment and deadline for execution of the project will be prepared. A contract will be signed and all the details of the production and installation will be specified.


Production and installation

Delivery times are 30-40 days, depending on the level of complexity of the door.

Get a professional consultation or make a direct inquiry about your project

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