Interior doors

The interior doors produced by us are distinguished by quality, stylish appearance and individual style.

According to your wish, we can produce different models of interior doors according to your order:

Bulgarian interior doors

Our interior doors are made with solid wood frames and a special “paper filling”, also called “honeycomb”, on which panels of high-quality MDF with surface coatings of natural veneer, laminate, KraftMaster panels or polyurethane paint are glued on presses in different colors according to RAL catalog.

Quality MDF interior doors

MDF is a material suitable for making modern furniture, interior doors and modern interior. It represents wood-fiber boards of medium density, distinguished by good external smoothness and high hardness. It has a fine and homogeneous fibrous structure, it is an ecologically clean product and it enables the production of details of various shapes. It is subject to milling due to its micro-grained structure, i.e. pre- and post-forming and milling is possible.

Interior doors of the highest quality standards

MDF parts and prefabricated sets are stable and resistant to deformation. The smooth surface, high strength, perfect machinability, both on the surface and on the edges, are prerequisites for very effective processing in the production of entrance and interior doors.

For these reasons, we use MDF to process the front panels of the doors, so that they have a beautiful appearance, while being of high quality, so that we can meet your highest requirements.

Titan Doors. Your interior doors!